About Us

KLC opened its doors in September of 2007 as a single home, 24-hour care residence with three individuals and five staff.  Since then we have grown exponentially with additional homes in the North Valleys, Sparks and Reno, as well as providing gender specific and mixed gender homes with individuals aged as young as in their teens all the way up to individuals in their 60’s.

When Key Learning was founded it was our truest desire to create a company where individuals can come to us, show us their needs, hopes and dreams and from there create a training plan specifally geared towards helping them reach their goals.

At KLC, we believe in the power of relationships, community integration, and personal choice, because we’ve seen the positive outcomes they yield for the individuals and families we support.  With experience that spans 30 years, we deliver proven programs through our network of passionate and experienced staff members and dedicated caregivers.  Together we’ve touched thousands of lives and we are proud to continue supporting individuals and families so they can live life to the fullest.

Meet the Members